"From my first clubbing experiences in Belfast as a 16/17 year old, I knew straight away I wanted to be involved in it. Our aim with Twitch has always been to continue that stripped back, dark room with minimal lighting mood with a real focus on the music; the things that drew me to club culture in the first place.


The nights that really stayed with me were seeing amazing international artists in tiny clubs like Vicos and The Menagerie. 


The landscape of dance music has changed drastically over the time we’ve been running Twitch.


Bigger promoters are a huge part of dance music now and what used to be underground is big business.


I love that we’ve been able to find our place within dance music and still put some of the best DJ’s in the world on in smaller spaces, packed out with people who are all about the music and also having the DJ’s enjoying and supporting what we do.


Belfast is deceptively small but dance music here has a hugely passionate following, having the support we have had to take risks and book interesting artists has been amazing and we’re really grateful for it.


What makes our nights really special is the atmosphere, the crowds here treat dance music parties like rock concerts and really go for it, every artist we bring over to Belfast is blown away by it."