"I was lucky to look old enough at 16 to get into the Art College events at the Conor Hall in Belfast. When I think about it now these parties were so ahead of the time, with some of the best residents, music policies, guest bookings, sound systems, visuals and art work that I’ve experienced to this day.


For Belfast being so relatively small, I reckon we have one of the best scenes in the world. I got a first-class education in house, techno & electro and discovered artists like Jeff Mills and Basic Channel for the first time. It was through attending these nights that I realised I wanted to take my love for music and do something with it. Thankfully, I got to do some of my first gigs there, before the good thing came to an end.

Timmy  Stewart

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A bunch of us from this period decided to take what we had learned, move forward and help shape the next chapter.


The past 20 years has seen a constant development of nights, live acts, labels, DJs and bands. It's definitely at a real peak right now, with internationally renowned artists in nearly every field.


I’ve also noticed in conversation it’s no longer a dodgy thing to say you come from Belfast these days! Honestly, it’s the people that make it so special! I’ve been able to get to play in a range of settings but the receptions at home are nearly always goosebump central.


I also love the brutal honesty of the locals, if you don’t deliver they will probably let you know, so it keeps you on your toes."