"I think the general collectiveness is the thing that influences me most about the scene in Northern Ireland.


Every producer/DJ and person in the industry, I believe, truly wants to help each other.


Having my pre-pubescent mind blown each month at Shine also was a massive influence. It made me who I am today.


I think when you see your mates doing well it naturally influences you. What Matt and Andy (Bicep) have done for electronic music is Belfast in remarkable and in turn, I think that has a knock-on effect with the likes of AVA Festival.


Also, listening to true selectors like Chris Frieze and Jamie Nelson as well as Producer, Brien, is something that has influenced me.


Where do I start? The accent, Sukie blackcurrant, getting chips with your battered sausage in the chippy (up your game London!).


In all honesty, I think it’s the warmth of the people and their burning desire to have as much fun as possible whenever possible."