Two popular chocolate bars have announced they will be making big changes to their recipes.


The new formula created has a reduction of 40 per cent less sugar content.


A french business man has been in charge of the company's UK operation that makes the chocolate bars since 2017 and has said, “tinkering with the recipe of 100-year-old brands while ­keeping the “signature taste” is necessary to comply with “the health and wellness agenda”.


“It is a challenge the Government and the country are facing and we need to support it.


“It is not a business opportunity but a business responsibility.


“There is a lot of talk about disruption in the market and I think we have a role to play in this by bringing in new brands and new disruption ourselves."



Mars and Snickers bars changing


Meanwhile, anyone from Nothern Ireland travelling to America in the hope to still buy the snicker bars of old, will not be able to find them. But in America, the company has given snickers new additions to the new original bar by swapping the peanuts and nougat for creamy nut butters.


Across the pond, some snickers fans in America have complained about the biting in to the crunching of all those peanuts so they are now getting smooth nut butter filling instead. As you can see the caramel remains, except its at the bottom instead of the top. A snickers bar without nougat is hard to imagine right now, isn't it?