"Growing up in rural Armagh, I didn't quite have the same exposure as most other DJs in Northern Ireland did - the choices were either country music or trance/hard dance so it’s no surprise that I started off in the latter category. My initial introduction to electronic music came from my father, with later influences coming from local heroes like Gleave Dobbin, Fergie and Paul Hamill.


In my later years up until now, I have still been heavily influenced by the myriad of talented DJs/producers coming out of N.I, including artists like Bobby Analog, Swoose, Cromby and BICEP.


Whilst my taste and sound has developed a lot over the past decade, I think my trance background is still discernible at times. The energy is just second to none - ask any DJ and they will tell you it is their favourite place to play (perhaps with Scotland a close second). It's probably something to do with to the backward laws limiting our partying hours, or perhaps us Celts are all just a bit mental?"