"The legacy of the Art College and seeing people like Timmy Stewart still leading the way is massive inspiration.


From when we first started out until present, someone has always had our back. Community is a word you will see used over and over again, but it's valid. People support each other, whether it be fellow DJs or your friends on the dancefloor. The scene here has always been fresh and inspiring.


Belfast is small enough to put on your own club night too, it's not London, you don't need a billion connections! Just spirit.


The crowds here may be small but energy levels are through the roof and if that doesn't enforce what you are doing then you are dead inside!


Across every alternative scene in NI whether it be electronic music, punk, visual art or experimental scenes there has always been a sense of "can do" attitude. If it doesn't exist people create it and we are fiercely proud of that! We see amazing underground nights popping up all the time, acts being booked. It's ever moving forward."