Some insight to being a dj

you should learn to develop a skill in coping mechanisms and keep things professional if you want to keep getting gigs booked.


Most people who have been in the dance music scene have fantasized about being a DJ at least once. It must be amazing to see people dancing to the music you make, seeing how your music affects your fans, and getting paid to party, right? 


Being a DJ is awesome at times, and it can be a great way to live out those high school fantasies you might have had.


A huge portion of being able to actually get club bookings will fall on you being able to network with club promoters. It will all come down to who you know, what your mixes sound like, and how convincing you can be.

Advertising your remixes will become your fulltime job. Even major record labels have a very hard time getting people to get into the artists they represent.


The way it works it you will have a huge hit. Clubbers and the like will relate to a club hit mashed up rather than new music all the time. Unfortunately, most artists don't get record deals by just posting new music tracks on YouTube or SoundCloud. 


To sign with a label, firstly you require people to show up to your sets and you will need to do a lot of advertising. This means you may have to hand out flyers in the high street, have a hyper-active social media presence, and basically run your own advertising firm with you being the sole client.


So, that is satisfying club promoters and advertising your work. Without these, no one will know who you are, they won't show up to your concerts - and if no one shows up to your concerts, no one will book you. Your career is this business will be dead.


Drama will become your life. Throwing good club parties, particularly in elite or underground scenes, means that everyone has to work together. The problem with this is that just about everyone in the scene tends to want to have their own spot in the sun, or has to lick the ass of a diva in order to make things work for that particular night.


As a DJ, you will try to avoid drama - and there's a good chance you will fail. There will be blowouts and you may end up losing your cool. This is part of club life, and as a DJ, you will come to expect it at times. That being said,


If you do become successful, you may have a very hard time figuring out who's your real friend. Let's say that you do get star status, and that you end up playing in massive well-known venue's. This in itself will lead to other problems - such as having people who are only your friend because you're a big name celebrity now. The bigger you get, the more people will try to hurt you so that they can get where you are. There may be people who will pretend to be a sympathetic ear just so they can get dirt on you and throw you under the bus. Moreover, there will be a lot of people out there who are fake business-men or business-women. They can talk the talk, but they won't ever walk the walk. If you put your total faith in them, you will end up being disappointed at best - or ripped off at worst.

Lets say your getting more successful. You start travelling around more and travel will become your life. If you go on tour, or even if you go to local gigs, you will be on the road. Loading and unloading all that DJ equipment all over the place. No DJ just stays in his house, unless they are working on mixes released to SoundCloud. As fun as travel can be, you will do it so frequently that it will become an exhausting chore. You will likely spend at least three days a week on the road, as a DJ. As you get more famous, you will end up seeing that number go up. 


DJ's tend to live in small studio apartments - or try just bunk with a bunch of other DJs in a house share. The reason why this is, it's because it just doesn't make sense for them to spend a lot of money on lodging because

Obviously, its only human nature to like and hate different things so its natural you will encounter a falling out with someone in your close circle sometime during your career.


they're so often on the road. It can be a lot to deal with, and usually, once you arrive at the venue for a gig, you're also the one doing all the setup work before the club night starts.

And of course, relationships. Relationships will often be strained - at least, love-wise. Relationships take a lot of time and effort to work out - and sadly, the life of a DJ often means that you will have gigs pop up at the 11th hour, will abandon planned holidays together, you will have little time to be with your partner at the club. Most partners can't handle this kind of lifestyle. In fact, even if you are in the club scene, it's frustrating or even infuriating to deal with. Your partner will want attention and time with you - but it's not something that you can often give as a DJ. So, even if you may like a boy or a girl, it often boils down to which you want more, love or music. You might have both for a short time but in the end its one or the other. But it's alot easier to love music and get sex at the same time, obviously.