Club 18-30

We’re in a different cultural class these days, 20 years ago, all guys liked the same kind of things and now they are selective.


And a girl these days is all about constantly looking good all day rather than be seen letting their hair loose at 1am.


So a holiday specifically designed for getting lairy as fuck and shagging around isn’t really seen as cool anymore.



















A lot more people go to uni now than they did in the 1990's as well, and it’s pretty unfashionable to be in to those kind of holidays amongst a graduate crowd.


Middle class white and urban black are the two most celebrated cultures in the media right now, so they’re the cultures that are driving the new trends.


Going to the likes of Falaraki was never as much of a tradition with either as it was with working class white kids, who don't get any media attention any longer.


Compare that to the late 90s to early ‘00s, when the biggest celebrities in the UK were Posh and Becks, Kate Moss, the Gallagher brothers.


Of course in generalities terms, there will always be some market for a wild piss-up holiday.


But that’s now a more sensible and more behaved “Club 18-22” in year 2018, so a whole generation has been lost and the component of the market which will not be able to withstand such a huge loss in revenue.


Plus all the less sociological factors like no one uses travel agents any more and it’s a piece of piss to fly somewhere more exotic/cheaper than a packaged Spanish or Greek island.


















The new generation are acting more grown up now due to mainstream pressures to act responsibly, as social media and mobile phone recording devices has discouraged 30 somethings to behave in a way that was previously acceptable in the 90's.


Not to mention that more people are now aware than before about STD Pokémon. Gotta catch 'em all.. and lets not beat about the bush, it got trashy as it could when on one of these holiday packages.


Even the holidays reps who where with you for the whole holiday encourages such lucid sex acts to the point that they were doing it themselves. 


Click here and head over to for an inside description of what kind of thing that went on. But before you do, put that bowl of soup down from your hand.