"I think a lack of a scene is sometimes more inspiring in Belfast. It's a place where, if you don't want to roll over and play for Shine, you have to create your own parties and take risks to create your own opportunities.


I think some of the more inspiring people that influenced what I play and listen to via their parties are Belfast Music Club, Twitch and Beat BBQ and they continue to challenge the status quo of dance music here.


I think the continued work of collectives and the DIY culture here is really inspiring.

Bobby  analog

There are a few exciting labels like Touch Sensitive run by Mark Reid and Timmy Stewart, and Aaron Black's Black Bones vinyl series has been receiving plenty of fan mail.


There are lots of new young promoters in the city who probably came up going to parties I ran and have now decided they can do a better job than me! That's exciting for me because I look forward to seeing what sort of events they are going to run and what direction they will take with guests and residents and decor etc.


It's really hard to look past the people here who are second to none at a party. That Titanic exhibition is pretty awesome too though."