"Northern Ireland is a great place to grow up musically; lots of great rock, punk and soul bands hailing from there. Bands like Stiff Little Fingers, Them, Undertones, Rudi etc. That was the stuff that was all over the radio when we were kids so subconsciously this definitely played a part.


In terms of clubbing, Shine and its residents were a great influence, this is where we got our first real taste of house and techno. We don't live in Ireland anymore so it's quite hard to say we get an influence from there in quite the same way we used to, but the young scene is really vibrant at the moment which is great to see.


It's a unique place, which is hard to describe to anyone who hasn't lived there. I think one thing common all over Northern Ireland is that people aren't afraid to let loose, which is why when we go home it's most special for us, especially when we play gigs there."