You might be getting too old for this

Hardcore clubbing is a life stage that most people go through.


Then, while some people mature, and some don't, we realize that there are other things in life that make us just as happy as partying the night away into the early hours of the morning. If your one of the mature party goers, you probably like it when you stay in.


You can't cope with the thought of feeling hungover. Gone are the days when you could party for many days in a row with minimal sleep and wake up super fresh afterwards. You may or may not know that the best hangover cure is being young. Now is a different story. So any party that involves alcohol gets you really worried with anticipation of tomorrow.


You actually don't mind the idea of "Netflix and nibbles". Movies, bed and, possibly, pizza? That's the best trio of life. Clubbing could never ever compare to the kind of satisfaction that this can bring.


You love when your going out plans get cancelled. Your friend calls you last minute to say that he/she can't make it tonight? A couple years ago, you would have gotten really pissed at them. Not today, though. Today, you are happy they cancelled! You actually wanted to cancel yourself, but couldn't bring yourself to do it.


You have a special relationship with your bed. In the morning, when you get out of bed, you start fantasizing about reuniting with it at the end of the day. There is nothing that you're more attached to than your bed. Bed is life. You're just a big toasty cinnamon bun when you're in it.


You love the feeling of not going out and saving money

You love it when you stay in on the weekend and save a bunch of money that you could eventually spend on things that actually matter... like a sick car or a bigger place or a holiday.


You want to remember and engage in intelligent conversation. Who are we kidding here? Going out to a club means you add another number to the quality time you get to spend with your friends. But now you prefer having your favorite people come over for a BBQ instead or something. Now you can actually remember your conversations the next day. It's wonderful.